17-Year-Old Allegedly Gang-Raped by Ten Men in Vizag; Escapes and Traced to Odisha

Sonali Saha
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In a distressing incident that sparked outrage, a 17-year-old girl was reportedly gang-raped by ten individuals at various lodges within the IV Town area of Vishakhapatnam. The police revealed that the harrowing ordeal unfolded over four days starting from December 17, prompting the victim to flee the town. Her disappearance led her father to file a missing person report, initiating a search operation by law enforcement and other agencies.

Tracing her whereabouts to Odisha on December 25, the authorities discovered the girl, employed as a maidservant in Vishakhapatnam and originally hailed from Odisha. Her relocation to Visakhapatnam occurred approximately nine months ago with her family.

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Initial assumptions surrounding her disappearance swiftly shifted gears when the case evolved into one under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, based on the victim’s statement. Sources indicated that the girl had been working in the residence of an officer who, along with his family, had departed for vacation, leaving her responsible for tending to their pets.

The horrific chain of events commenced when the victim, accompanied by a male friend, visited RK Beach on December 17. Shockingly, she was reportedly subjected to sexual assault by her companion and another individual within a lodge.

After this traumatic incident, the victim was encountered at RK Beach where, seeking aid, she fell prey to a photographer’s deceitful offer of assistance. This photographer, in conjunction with seven others, exploited and subjected her to further abuse and sexual assault for a prolonged duration spanning two days.

“The girl was subjected to rape across multiple lodges here for four days. We are actively pursuing the arrest of the accused based on the victim’s testimony,” stated the city police.

Remarkably, the girl managed to extricate herself from the clutches of her assailants, prompting law enforcement to dispatch several teams to Jharkhand and various locations in Visakhapatnam in pursuit of the accused perpetrators, as affirmed by ADCP Srinivas.

This appalling incident has brought the spotlight on the urgency of addressing and preventing such horrendous acts of violence against women and girls. Authorities remain steadfast in their efforts to bring justice to the victim and swiftly apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.

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