4 of the Carpenter family injured in gas cylinder explosion

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Visakhapatnam- In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in the quiet Vambey Colony of Madhurawada, a family of four succumbed to serious burn injuries at King George Hospital (KGH) on Wednesday. The victims were identified as Yaamaala Balaraju (60), his wife Chinni (54), and their sons Giri (21) and Karthik (20), all belonging to a carpenter family.

The catastrophe traces back to a gas leak that occurred on Friday morning in their residence at block number 27. The family, deeply rooted in their Ayyappa Deeksha observance, had been preparing for their morning prayers when tragedy struck. Balaraju, the head of the household, had changed the gas cylinder the night before, unaware that the regulator was not securely fixed. Consequently, a lethal gas spread throughout the house overnight.

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Friday morning took a devastating turn as Balaraju attempted to light a lamp for their prayers, inadvertently igniting the accumulated gas. The resulting fire swiftly engulfed their home, leaving all four family members with severe burn injuries. The victims were rushed to KGH, where Balaraju and Karthik faced the brunt of 50% burn injuries, while Chinni and Giri endured over 30% burns.

Despite the medical efforts to save them, the family’s condition deteriorated, and on Wednesday morning, they tragically lost their battle for survival. The news of their demise was confirmed by PM Palem police station circle inspector K Ramakrishna.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of gas safety measures and the potential consequences of overlooking seemingly routine tasks. The community is left mourning the untimely loss of a family, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness regarding gas-related risks and the importance of proper equipment maintenance.

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