5 Arrested in Tragic Suicide Linked to College Negligence- justice served?

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We speak to you today about a horrific tragedy that has rocked our community with heavy hearts. A student died by suicide at Chaitanya Engineering College, which just switched to a polytechnic structure. We are all really devastated by this loss.

Investigations have revealed that the student’s suicide was not a random act; rather, it was impacted by the purported carelessness of the college administration and a few specific people. Given this, we are dedicated to obtaining justice for the victim and making sure those who are at fault are held accountable.

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The prompt response that the law enforcement agencies have taken is encouraging. Mr. V.N. Manikanth, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), has diligently followed this matter with his staff. We learned today that five people who were thought to have been connected to the events that preceded the student’s terrible choice had been detained.

We must unite as a community to help one another through this trying time. We send our sincere sympathies to the student’s friends and family for their loss. Let’s work together to bring these incidents to justice and make sure they never happen again in our educational institutions.

We want anyone with pertinent knowledge about this case to come forward and help the police with their inquiry. By working together, we can make the school a more secure and encouraging place for every kid.

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