532 Kilograms of Ganja Seized in Illegal Operation in Koyyuru, Alluri District; Valued at Rs. 26 Lakhs

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Recently, in the Koyyuru, Alluri district, authorities discovered something unsettling. They discovered that 17 bags contained a sizable quantity of the dangerous narcotic ganja. Ganja is prohibited and can have serious negative effects on health. The drugs were quickly seized by the police, who estimated that their worth was approximately Rs. 26 lakhs, in order to protect the community. This emphasizes how dangerous drug trafficking may be and how severe the problem is.

Everyone needs to be aware of the risks associated with using or trafficking in substances like ganja. These drugs are dangerous for people and neighborhoods, in addition to being illegal. The goals of law enforcement organizations are to protect public safety and fight drug-related offenses.This tragedy should serve as a warning to all of us to never consume drugs and to call the police right away if we see anything questionable. Together, we can make neighborhoods safer and healthier places for people to live and prosper.

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