A devastating fire at Vizag Fishing Harbour has resulted in the loss of numerous livelihoods

Sonali Saha
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A big fire at Vizag Fishing Harbour at night. Around 40 fishing boats got damaged. The fire started with a blast in one boat, and then it spread to many others. Some boats exploded because they had gas cylinders. Diesel in the boats made the fire worse, destroying 25 boats completely.

Thankfully, nobody got hurt, but the damage was severe. Each boat costs a lot of money, so altogether they lost around 15 crores. People think the fire might have been caused by some drunk troublemakers.

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The police say that some people were partying on one boat, and that’s how the fire started. They are investigating the case seriously to find out exactly what happened.

The firefighters and the National Disaster Response Force worked together to control the fire. The Chief Minister has ordered his minister to check the situation and help the fishermen who lost their boats. They are also checking the security cameras to understand how the fire started.

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