A Man tried to kill an elderly woman but left with stealing 8 tula gold in Anakapalle

Sonali Saha
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Quick Identification Leads to Arrest: Cable Operator Attempts Robbery in Anakapalle

In a shocking incident in Anakapalle, an elderly woman narrowly escaped harm when a man attempted to strangle her and stole her 8-tula gold chain. The assailant, identified as Govind, a cable operator, was swiftly identified thanks to CCTV footage, leading to his subsequent arrest. Fortunately, the victim, Lakshmi Narayanamma, is safe, and her family has filed a complaint with the police.

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The unsettling incident unfolded in Anakapalli’s Gavarapalem Park Center, where Lakshmi Narayanamma was alone. The assailant, Govind, reportedly approached her and attempted to strangle her with a towel while making off with her 8-tula gold chain. However, due to the timely intervention of CCTV cameras in the vicinity, Govind’s actions were captured on tape.

The family members of Lakshmi Narayanamma, upon discovering the incident, wasted no time in filing a complaint with the local police. The detailed CCTV footage played a crucial role in identifying Govind, who is known to work in the cable industry. Law enforcement authorities acted swiftly on the complaint, apprehending Govind and ensuring that justice is served.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of surveillance systems in ensuring the safety of individuals in public spaces. The quick response from both the family and the police showcases the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in swiftly addressing criminal activities.

Residents of Anakapalle can take solace in the fact that the elderly victim is unharmed, and the alleged perpetrator is in custody. The incident also highlights the significance of community vigilance and the role technology can play in ensuring the security of vulnerable members of society.

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