A Man(30) Suicided because of a Loan App in Vizag

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

In Kancharapalem Police Station a suicide case was registered on August 17, 2023. A man named Gunna Hemanth from the Kancharapalem Village did suicide due to heavy pressure because of a loan application, which he installed on his phone. He was an employee of a private company. Due to some reason, he borrowed money from an app that is present in the play store of Android phones.

As the police stated he was in a financial crisis and took a small amount of loan from a loan app but he couldn’t repay in a certain time hence the organizers of the application started calling and messaging him continuously to repay the amount and also threatened him saying that they will post his personal photos in social media and expose him before everyone.

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The organizers also threatened him saying that they will send all personal photos to his family members and friends. On Wednesday Hemanth decided to go to his friend’s home in Birla and in grief and tension he consumed more and more alcohol. He continuously drank for two days that is Wednesday and Thursday nights and after his friends slept he hung onto the ceiling fan of his friend’s house.

On the next day When his friend got to know about it, he first informed Hemanth’s parents. His parents reached the spot and then City police came to do the investigation, after the investigation they concluded it was a suicide case due to immense pressure from loan app organizers.

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