Actress Amruta Subhash Shares Supportive Encounter During ‘Lust Stories 2’ Filming: Husband Encourages Co-Star

Sonali Saha
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Actress Amruta Subhash Shares Supportive Encounter During ‘Lust Stories 2’ Filming: Husband Encourages Co-Star

In a recent revelation, acclaimed actress Amruta Subhash shed light on a heartening incident that unfolded behind the scenes during the filming of ‘Lust Stories 2’. Known for her powerful performances, Amruta disclosed a supportive gesture that eased the nerves of her co-star, Shrikant Yadav, before filming intimate scenes for the series.

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In an interaction, Amruta recounted the scenario where Shrikant, her reel-life husband in the series and a close friend off-screen, expressed apprehension about filming intimate sequences with her. “Shrikant was nervous about filming sex scenes with me since we’re best friends,” shared the talented actress.

Amruta further revealed that it was her real-life husband, Sandesh Kulkarni, who stepped in to offer unwavering support to both her and Shrikant during this crucial moment on set. She recalled, “My husband Sandesh told Shrikant, ‘Tu kar lega yaar acche se (you’ll do it well).'”

This simple yet powerful reassurance from Sandesh Kulkarni exemplifies the camaraderie and mutual respect among the actors involved in the project. Amruta Subhash’s openness about this incident highlights the behind-the-scenes dynamics and the significance of a supportive environment in the entertainment industry, especially during sensitive sequences.

‘Lust Stories 2’, known for its bold storytelling and nuanced performances, seems to have fostered an atmosphere where actors felt comfortable addressing their concerns and received encouragement from their peers.

The revelation by Amruta Subhash has drawn admiration from fans and colleagues alike for the bond shared between the actors and the importance of emotional support during filming. It serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit and professionalism within the industry.

As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Lust Stories 2’, Amruta Subhash’s anecdote offers a glimpse into the human connections that underpin the craft of storytelling, reaffirming the value of understanding and encouragement in artistic collaborations.

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