Actress Lavanya Tripathi Champions Eco-Friendly Living, Calls for Support to Eco Vizag Initiative”

Sonali Saha
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Renowned Indian film actress, Lavanya Tripathi, has taken center stage in urging citizens to actively contribute to the Eco Vizag Initiative. In a heartfelt plea, she encourages residents to join hands in making Visakhapatnam a cleaner and greener city, aligning with the city’s commitment to #EcoVizag and #ISupportEcoVizag.

The actress, known for her impactful performances on the silver screen, has now stepped into the role of an eco-conscious advocate, leveraging her influence to promote sustainable living. Lavanya Tripathi’s call to action is not only a testament to her commitment to environmental causes but also a reflection of her belief in the power of collective efforts in creating positive change.

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Through her social media handle, @Itslavanya, the actress reaches out to a wide audience, urging them to actively participate in the Eco Vizag Initiative. The initiative aims to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment, encouraging citizens to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

Lavanya Tripathi’s advocacy for Eco Vizag has gained support from key figures such as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, @AndhraPradeshCM, Mayor Smt G. Hari Venkata Kumari, and various municipal bodies including @CDMA_Municipal, @SwachhBharatGov, @SwachhaAndhra, and @SwachSurvekshan.

As the city resonates with the call for eco-friendly living, Lavanya Tripathi’s involvement amplifies the message, emphasizing the importance of individual actions in collectively building a sustainable and environmentally conscious community. Her endorsement of the Eco Vizag Initiative is expected to inspire many to adopt green practices, contributing to the broader goal of making Visakhapatnam a shining example of ecological responsibility.

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