Actress Payal Ghosh’s Shocking Marriage Proposal to Cricketer Mohammed Shami

Honey Gupta
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Payal Ghosh's Shocking Marriage Proposal to Cricketer Mohammed Shami

Multilingual actress Payal Ghosh, known for her roles in Hindi, English, Telugu, and Kannada films, gained attention through the Me Too campaign. She accused renowned director Anurag Kashyap of misbehavior and sexual assault. This accusation came during the Me Too movement when many actresses spoke out about experiences of harassment and violence.

A few months ago, Payal Ghosh caused concern by sharing what seemed like a suicide note on social media. She had also claimed that she was attacked by masked individuals attempting an acid attack. Payal’s statements have generated significant attention.

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Now, she has made a different kind of statement. Payal Ghosh expressed her willingness to marry Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami, a strong bowler known for his exceptional performance and records. She even mentioned her readiness to marry Shami’s ex-wife, who has been in the news, despite their divorce. However, Payal set one condition for this proposal.

In a tweet, Payal Ghosh humorously mentioned, “Shami, if you learn English, I am ready to marry you,” which has gone viral. In another tweet, she encouraged Shami, asking what kind of moral support he needed for his performance in the semi-finals, suggesting he could become a hero. Some people believe these statements may be for publicity.

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