All about Divya Aggarwal and Apurva Wedding

Sonali Saha
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Love and joy filled the air as reality TV star Divya Aggarwal exchanged vows with her beau, Apurva, in a stunning wedding ceremony. The newlyweds shared the joyous occasion with fans, treating them to a glimpse of their special day through enchanting wedding pictures posted on Divya’s Instagram account.

Taking to her Instagram, Divya Aggarwal shared the precious moments from the ceremony along with a heartfelt note that read, “From this moment on, our love story continues… Rab Rakha.” The post instantly garnered attention and congratulatory messages from fans and well-wishers.

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The wedding pictures reveal the couple’s happiness and radiate the love that surrounds them on this momentous day. The bride looked resplendent in her wedding attire, and the groom, Apurva, complemented her beautifully. The picturesque moments captured during the ceremony showcase the warmth and sincerity of their union.

Fans of Divya Aggarwal, known for her presence on reality TV, flooded social media with congratulations and best wishes for the newlyweds. The couple’s decision to share their special day with the public adds an extra layer of joy, creating a sense of shared celebration with their followers.

The phrase “Rab Rakha” in Divya’s note translates to “God bless” and is often used to wish blessings and good fortune upon a new journey. This choice of words reflects the couple’s heartfelt sentiments as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

As Divya Aggarwal and Apurva begin their journey as life partners, the wedding pictures and the note on Instagram provide a touching glimpse into the love that binds them. Fans and well-wishers are eagerly sending their love and blessings, making this celebration even more special for the newlyweds.

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