An Annakoot festival will take place at the Veer Baghichi in Indore on Amla Navami

Sonali Saha
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As per the 400-year-old tradition, a grand Annakoot festival will be organized this year at the Veer Baghichi Mandir, Indore. The theme for the Annakoot festival at Veer Baghichi will showcase South Indian traditions, offering Indian cuisines on banana leaves. Alia Sarkar will also be offered bhog on banana leaves.

Shri 1008 Shri Bal Brahmachari Prabhu Anandji Maharaj’s disciple, Pavan Anandji Maharaj, revealed that the tradition of Annakoot at Panchkuiya’s Veer Baghichi is ancient. The tradition of the Annakoot festival has continued since the times of Brahmachari Kailashanand Ji, Omkaranand Ji, and Bhuvan Das Maharaj at Veer Baghichi. Thousands of devotees arrive annually to partake in the divine feast.

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Construction of 4 old and 3 new stoves has commenced at Veer Baghichi. Prasad will be prepared on these stoves. This year, food prasad will be prepared for 50,000 devotees during the Annakoot festival, with responsibility handed to more than 400 devotees. Prasad will be served on banana leaves, aligning with the South Indian theme. Delicacies like Puri, Nukti, Jalebi, Rambhaji, and Seb will be served during the festival.

Alia Sarkar will have a darshan in the form of Tirupati Balaji during the festival. The attire of Alia Sarkar will be made of diamonds sent by businessmen from Mumbai. The attire for Alia Sarkar is ready within 7 to 10 days.

The festival will commence with a grand aarti following Amla Navami. Scholars will perform a grand aarti for Alia Sarkar at 5 PM. During this time, Chhappan Bhog will also be offered to Alia Sarkar. From 6 PM onwards, Alia Sarkar will have darshan for devotees at the grand Flower Bungalow. The Annakoot festival will begin after the aarti. Separate arrangements have been made for the festival, darshan, and Flower Bungalow visit. Responsibilities have been delegated to devotee groups for men’s and women’s arrangements.

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