Anakapalle Police Intercept 80 Kg of Dry Ganja, Arrest Two in Trafficking Operation

Honey Gupta
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In a significant anti-narcotics operation, the Anakapalle district police successfully seized 80 kg of dry ganja and apprehended two individuals while they were transporting the contraband in a van near a temple in Anakapalle town.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Manoj Kumar and Kishore B, both hailing from Odisha. The investigation into the matter has revealed that the duo had allegedly procured the illicit substance from remote villages in Odisha with the intention of transporting it to Bengaluru.

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The successful interception by the Anakapalle police was a result of vigilant monitoring and intelligence gathering. Acting on information, the police set up a checkpoint near a temple in Anakapalle town, leading to the discovery and subsequent seizure of 80 kg of dry ganja in the possession of the accused.

The arrested individuals are believed to be part of a larger network involved in the illegal trafficking of narcotics. The police are now intensifying their efforts to unravel the entire supply chain and identify any potential accomplices.

The operation reflects the commitment of law enforcement agencies to combat the illegal drug trade and protect communities from the harmful effects of substance abuse. The accused, Manoj Kumar and Kishore B, will face charges related to the possession and transportation of illegal narcotics, as per the relevant sections of the law.

Authorities emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts between different regions to curb the trafficking of narcotics. The Anakapalle police are working in coordination with law enforcement agencies in Odisha and Bengaluru to gather additional information and strengthen the case against the arrested individuals.

This successful operation not only disrupts the flow of illegal drugs but also serves as a deterrent to others involved in such criminal activities. The Anakapalle district police continue to be vigilant in their efforts to maintain law and order, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

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