Andhra Pradesh Receives Over 5,500 Crores from Union Government for Health Initiatives Under National Health Mission

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Andhra Pradesh Receives Over 5,500 Crores from Union Government for Health Initiatives Under National Health Mission

In a significant boost to healthcare initiatives, Andhra Pradesh has secured nearly 5,500 crores from the Union government under the National Health Mission (NHM) over the last five years, spanning from 2019-20 to 2023-24 until November. This substantial financial support is in addition to the state’s allocated 40 per cent share for the NHM scheme.

Annually, the state government formulates detailed district and city health action plans, outlining specific activities and desired outcomes. These grassroots proposals culminate in a comprehensive Programme Implementation Plan (PIP), which is then submitted to the Union government. The PIP delineates targeted strategies, budgetary requirements, and anticipated health improvements at both the state and local levels.

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For the fiscal year 2023-24, Andhra Pradesh has proposed initiatives totaling 3,309 crores in its PIP, with a focus on critical areas such as antenatal care, newborn care, immunization coverage, and various other healthcare programs. The state has set ambitious targets, including achieving 100 per cent first-trimester pregnancy registration, zero dropout from pentavalent vaccinations, and ensuring 100 per cent newborn breastfeeding within the first hour.

Key deliverables outlined in the state’s PIP for 2023-24 encompass nutrition care, adolescent health, addressing deficiency disorders, reproductive and child health, integrated disease surveillance, tuberculosis elimination, and programs for the control of blindness and visual impairment, among others. A notable goal is the targeting of at least 90 per cent of total tuberculosis cases notified during the fiscal year 2023-24.

The National Health Mission plays a pivotal role by providing states with both funds and expertise to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare through district hospitals and other medical facilities. This mission works towards bridging healthcare disparities and ensuring accessibility for all, particularly focusing on the well-being of the poor and vulnerable populations.

Support under NHM includes provisions for engaging human resources, deploying mobile medical units, and strengthening infrastructure by transforming existing medical facilities. Considering the existing infrastructure, capabilities, and socio-economic context, NHM formulates state-specific goals, encouraging innovation and establishing performance indicators to monitor progress towards delivering equitable, cost-effective, and responsive healthcare services.

Targets for communicable and non-communicable diseases are determined at the state level, taking into account local disease patterns and budgetary constraints. The concerted efforts of Andhra Pradesh under NHM underscore a commitment to advancing public health and fostering positive health outcomes for its residents.

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