Andhra Pradesh to Boosts Student Employability with Innovative Internship Program

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In a significant stride towards aligning education with industry needs, Andhra Pradesh has implemented a groundbreaking 10-month internship mandate for all engineering and conventional degree students. Building upon the National Education Policy 2020, this initiative aims to equip students with practical skills, making them industry-ready contributors.

The results are impressive, with the number of participating interns soaring from 5 lakh in 2022-23 to an impressive 7.3 lakh in 2023-24. The sectors actively involved in providing internships include information technology, pharmaceuticals, marketing, accounting, education, management, and manufacturing.

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The internship program is designed to unfold in three phases. Firstly, students engage in an eight-week Community Service Project (CSP), identified in collaboration with government agencies and NGOs. This unique element allows students to apply their skills to real-world projects addressing social causes.

The second phase involves an eight-week short internship, occurring at the end of the third year for engineering students and the second year for regular degree students. The final phase comprises a semester-long internship during the last year, providing students with extensive hands-on experience in their chosen field.

As of today, an impressive 7.2 lakh students have successfully completed their CSPs. Andhra Pradesh’s commitment to offering CSPs sets it apart from other states, providing students with unique exploratory learning opportunities and fostering societal awareness.

The success of the program is evident in Andhra Pradesh’s recent ranking as the top state in the India Skills Report 2024. Over 98% of job seekers in the state express eagerness to gain internship experience, showcasing the effectiveness of the initiative. Additionally, Andhra Pradesh claims the first position among all Indian states in terms of future skills.

Prof K Hemachandra Reddy, Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, highlighted the collaborative efforts that overcame initial skepticism. District collectors played a crucial role in identifying opportunities in local industries, MSMEs, private organizations, and government bodies. Simultaneously, state-level negotiations secured quality virtual internships from top IT companies, ensuring a multi-pronged approach to providing quality internships for a large student population.

Andhra Pradesh’s innovative internship program not only bridges the gap between academia and industry but also serves as a model for other states aiming to enhance student employability and address the evolving needs of the workforce.

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