Anganwadi Workers Face Consequences

Lilu Dhruw
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Anganwadi Workers Face Consequences

To address the persistent issue of workers and helpers frequently missing their duties, Manyam Parvathipuram district collector, Nishanth Kumar, has taken a decisive approach. He has set a strict ultimatum for Anganwadi workers and helpers, instructing them to report back to work by Monday or face termination. Should they fail to comply, the district plans to initiate immediate recruitment starting on January 25.

Out of the total 2,045 personnel in the district, which includes 1,444 workers and 601 helpers, there was a positive response on Monday. A total of 385 workers and all helpers heeded the call and returned to their crucial responsibilities. However, for those who continue to be absent, eviction orders are already in progress for 20 individuals. Additionally, termination notices are being prepared for the remaining absentees, as confirmed by M.N. Rani, the District Women Child Welfare Development and Empowered Officer. This proactive approach aims to address chronic absenteeism and ensure the effective functioning of essential services provided by Anganwadi workers and helpers in the district.

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