Annual Beach Nowrishment Works begin at RK Beach

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam, [24/01/2024] – In a proactive effort to address coastal erosion concerns along the Vishakhapatnam coast, the Annual Beach Nourishment works have kicked off at the iconic Ramakrishna (RK) Beach. This initiative comes as a response to the persistent erosion issues faced by the RK Beach and the Submarine Museum region, primarily attributed to a shortage of sand supply from the southern side in recent years.

The Vishakhapatnam Port Authority, recognizing the significance of preserving the coastal integrity, has taken the lead in combating erosion by initiating regular nourishment of the Rama Krishna Beach. The primary source of replenishment is the sand trap located at the outer harbor. The ongoing project is efficiently executed by the Dredging Corporation, contributing to the sustainability and preservation of this vital coastal stretch.

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Background of the Issue: Over the past few years, coastal erosion has emerged as a significant concern for the Vishakhapatnam coast, particularly impacting the Ramakrishna Beach and the vicinity of the Submarine Museum. The erosion woes have been exacerbated by the diminishing supply of sand from the southern side.

Visakhapatnam Port Authority’s Proactive Measures: To counteract the effects of erosion and safeguard the pristine beaches, the Visakhapatnam Port Authority has proactively undertaken regular beach nourishment activities. The sand utilized for this crucial initiative is sourced from the sand trap strategically located at the outer harbor.

Execution by Dredging Corporation: The execution of this vital project is entrusted to the expertise of the Dredging Corporation. Their role involves efficiently dredging and transporting the sand to RK Beach, contributing to the restoration and fortification of the coastline.

Importance of Coastal Preservation: Preserving the coastal landscape is not only crucial for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of RK Beach but also for safeguarding the ecological balance of the region. The beach nourishment initiative aligns with environmental conservation goals, ensuring that this iconic stretch remains a thriving hub for locals and tourists alike.

Community Impact: The commencement of the Annual Beach Nourishment works brings hope to the community that cherishes the beauty and recreational value of RK Beach. By addressing erosion concerns, this project contributes to the sustained enjoyment of the coastal area by residents and visitors.

As the beach nourishment activities unfold, the Vishakhapatnam Port Authority, in collaboration with the Dredging Corporation, remains committed to upholding the environmental resilience of RK Beach. The ongoing efforts underscore a collective dedication to preserving the natural treasures of Vishakhapatnam’s coastline for future generations to enjoy.

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