AP Commission Urges Airlines to Include Telugu in Announcements

Honey Gupta
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In a move aimed at promoting linguistic inclusivity, the Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission has decided to approach airlines operating from the state’s airports, urging them to incorporate Telugu in addition to Hindi and English for in-flight announcements.

The commission’s decision is grounded in the recognition that many Telugu-speaking passengers often find it challenging to comprehend instructions delivered in languages other than Telugu. As a solution, the commission proposes the presence of Telugu-speaking cabin crew members. Moreover, the commission aims to seamlessly integrate Telugu into the regular communications and operations of all central government organizations and institutions within the state.

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To facilitate this linguistic integration, the commission is developing a ‘word bank’ in Telugu, offering alternatives for technical, administrative, and legal terminology currently available in other languages.

P. Vijaya Babu, Chairman of the Telugu Official Language Commission, emphasized the importance of Telugu in administration, governance, and the preservation of Andhra Pradesh’s cultural heritage. While the state government promotes English to prepare children for global competition, it does not neglect Telugu. Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy envisions a future where children excel as global citizens with proficiency in multiple languages.

Vijaya Babu highlighted that all official correspondence, including at the village/ward secretariat and grievance programs like “Jaganannaku Chebudam,” is conducted in Telugu. The commission actively monitors the implementation of Telugu as the official language, providing remedial suggestions to departments that may be lagging behind. Officials have been directed to display nameplates in two or three languages, prioritizing Telugu, for the convenience of tourists and people from other states.

In addition to these measures, the commission encourages Telugu writers, poets, and literary figures, considering them the custodians of the language. Vijaya Babu stressed that every Telugu literary work receives recognition, regardless of its regional origin or thematic focus. The commission is committed to ensuring public access to all services in Telugu, recognizing the evolving nature of the language in the modern world.

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