AP Govt Transforms Lives with 4.2 Lakh Crore Spent on Welfare Schemes

Honey Gupta
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In a remarkable initiative to uplift its citizens, the Andhra Pradesh government has spent a whopping 4.2 lakh crore under various Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and non-DBT schemes since assuming office in 2019. This translates to an annual transfer of nearly 1 lakh crore to beneficiaries, signaling a commitment to social welfare and development.

One standout scheme making a significant impact is the Amma Vodi scheme, which provides an annual financial assistance of 15,000 to mothers sending their children to schools and colleges. Over the last four years, a staggering 26,000 crore has been allocated to this initiative, benefiting more than 83 lakh students from classes I to intermediate.

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Another impactful program, the YSR Aasara scheme, has reimbursed approximately 25,500 crore in outstanding debt for around 8 lakh self-help groups in the state. These efforts have not only alleviated financial burdens but have also contributed to the overall prosperity of numerous families.

During the interim budget presentation, Finance Minister B Rajendranath highlighted the transformative impact of DBT schemes, emphasizing that they have helped countless families escape poverty, improved their standard of living, and opened up new opportunities for growth and development.

A notable outcome of these initiatives is the remarkable increase in Andhra Pradesh’s per-capita income. From 1.54 lakh in 2018-19, it has seen a substantial jump to 2.19 lakh in 2022-23. This improvement has elevated the state’s per capita income ranking to 9th place in the country, showcasing the tangible positive effects of the government’s welfare measures.

Finance Minister Rajendranath underscored the government’s commitment to implementing all welfare schemes through the DBT mode, utilizing the village and ward secretariats, and an extensive volunteer network. This approach ensures efficient and transparent delivery of benefits to those who need them the most, contributing to the overall well-being and progress of the state.

The Andhra Pradesh government’s dedication to inclusive growth and poverty alleviation through targeted welfare schemes stands as a testament to its vision for a prosperous and empowered society. As these initiatives continue to impact lives positively, they set a precedent for effective governance and social development.

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