Arasavalli Temple Prepares for Ratha Sapthami Celebrations

Lilu Dhruw
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Arasavalli Temple Prepares for Ratha Sapthami Celebrations

The Arasavalli Temple is gearing up to celebrate Ratha Sapthami, the birth anniversary of Suryanarayana Swamy, starting from Friday midnight. Devotees from all corners of the country are expected to join in the festivities at this auspicious occasion.

In preparation for the event, Collector Manzeer Jilani Samoon, accompanied by temple authorities and chief priests, recently inspected the arrangements for both free and VVIP darshans. The collector emphasized the importance of taking precautionary measures to ensure the comfort and safety of devotees, especially considering the anticipated high turnout.

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To address concerns about last year’s event, where arrangements fell short of accommodating the large number of devotees, RDO Ch. Rangaiah convened a coordination meeting with officials from various departments. It’s reported that last year, although 1.20 lakh devotees arrived for Ratha Sapthami, arrangements were made for only 60,000 attendees, leading to overcrowding and discomfort.

One major issue that arose was the entry process. Devotees purchasing ₹100 tickets for quicker darshan through the east-north gate ended up waiting in long queues for hours under the scorching sun. Additionally, there were insufficient drinking water facilities, resulting in several devotees fainting from dehydration. The lack of adequate wheelchairs also posed challenges for elderly and disabled devotees, making it difficult for them to navigate the premises comfortably.

Despite the concerns raised, authorities are working diligently to improve this year’s arrangements and ensure a smoother experience for devotees participating in the Ratha Sapthami celebrations. Measures are being taken to enhance crowd management, provide ample drinking water facilities, and increase accessibility for all devotees, particularly the elderly and disabled.

As the countdown to Ratha Sapthami begins, hopes are high for a successful and joyous celebration at the Arasavalli Temple, where devotees can worship Suryanarayana Swamy with peace of mind and heart.

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