Aspirants Rushes to Coaching Centers Amidst Government Job Notifications

Honey Gupta
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In the wake of recent job notifications released by the state government, aspiring candidates are thronging coaching centers in hopes of securing coveted government positions. Seen as significant announcements preceding the general elections, these notifications have spurred an influx of aspirants from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and rural parts of Visakhapatnam district to Vizag city, all eager to overcome their final hurdle toward a government job.

A visual tour of Andhra University’s reading rooms, south campus buildings, and the city public library paints a vivid picture of the current scenario. Thousands of students can be observed engrossed in their studies, utilizing every available space – whether under the shade of trees, on cement benches, or even sprawling on the grass itself.

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The state government has rolled out a series of notifications in recent months, covering vacant positions for professors, junior lecturers, degree college lecturers, Group-I, and Group-II positions. The cabinet’s recent approval for the recruitment of approximately 6,100 teachers, with an impending notification, has added to the growing anticipation. However, some candidates express concerns about the potential impact of the election code on the examination schedule. Others note the apparent abandonment of the state government’s pre-election promise of an annual job calendar, speculating that the latest notifications could be influenced by the Telangana elections.

Srinivas, an aspirant for Group exams, remarked on the notifications being released after a four-year hiatus. He highlighted changes in the Group-II syllabus, particularly the introduction of an “Indian Society” section worth 30 marks. Given the uncertainty surrounding future notifications, some aspirants view this as their last attempt. With limited opportunities in the private sector in Andhra Pradesh, there’s a noticeable shift towards government jobs. Due to the syllabus revamp, aspirants are urging the government to allow more preparation time before conducting the exams.

Samayam Hemanth Kumar, the AP Unemployed JAC state president, has demanded an increase in the number of teacher posts announced under the district selection committee (DSC) recruitment and other notifications. He also called for the postponement of Group-I and Group-II examinations, citing a lack of standardized preparation materials for these competitive exams. Kumar emphasized that, given the absence of notifications in the past four years, age limits for candidates in all exam categories should be extended.

Notably, a significant number of candidates have relocated to Hyderabad to access coaching facilities in and around Vidya Nagar and Ashok Nagar, renowned for competitive exam coaching. As the job-seeking fervor intensifies, the government faces increasing pressure to address the concerns raised by aspirants and ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process.

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