Ayyanna Patrudu Advocates for Son’s Candidacy for Anakapalli MP Seat

Sonali Saha
1 Min Read

In a recent public address at the Madugula Ra Kadalira assembly platform in Anakapalli district, former minister Ayyanna Patrudu made a fervent appeal to the public. He urged the community to support his son, Chintakayala Vijay, for the Anakapalli Member of Parliament (MP) seat. The announcement was made in the presence of the party chief, Chandrababu Naidu.

Watch the full video to know exactly what he said.

Ayyanna Patrudu, a seasoned politician, expressed his confidence in his son’s capabilities and suitability for the MP position. The call to the public to endorse Chintakayala Vijay’s candidacy adds a familial dimension to the political landscape in Anakapalli.

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The development has sparked discussions and attention in the political circles of Andhra Pradesh. As Ayyanna Patrudu puts forward his son as a potential candidate, it will be interesting to observe the response and dynamics leading up to the elections.

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