Best Places to Visit in Vizag for Couples in 2023

Honey Gupta
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In this article, I will share some best places to visit in Vizag for couples in 2023 (real-life experience). Vizag is such a beautiful place that no one can hate it. It consists of beaches, mountains, temples, cafes, and many more. Among all these my favorite places are-

Rushikonda Beach – it is one of the Best Places to Visit in Vizag for Couples

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Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach is so beautiful and the maggie which people sell near the Beach is so good that if u go again to the beach it will be because of the maggie. There are many things to buy that represent Beach like- shells, anklets made up of shells, pendants, bracelets, and many more.

There are two types of enjoyment u can have with your love in Rushikonda Beach i.e. 1. Bathing on the Beach( morning suggested as daytime it will be so much hot ) 2. Evening sitting on the sand and seeing the sunset together and when the moon comes it feels so romantic, just go on talking about yourselves.

So, it is one of the best places in Vizag and yes I am not mentioning RK Beach because I feel Rushikonda Beach is Far cleaner than RK Beach because it is full of polluting water that comes from drainage and mixes with the beach water and thus Rushikonda Beach is beautiful with clean water.


Want to go to lunch or dinner with your girlfriend then you should consider restaurants like Zeeshaan, My Restaurant, Kuk-roo-koo, Alpha, Prince Dhaba, Stone Water, Annapurna, etc. I feel like food can make a girlfriend happy. Whenever you feel like she is angry at you and you don’t even know the reason( who street hai, kuch v kar sakti hai- she is female she can do anything) then take her for lunch or dinner and see how magical it works.

CMR Central Mall

CMR Central Mall is to chill when no other option is left. When you don’t have a perfect plan and want to go out with your girlfriend just go to CMR Central Mall and have a softie with choco dip, enjoy the softie, and roam the whole mall because everything is so costly until u earn u can’t buy anything so just see everything and plan to buy when u have money.

If you want you can watch a movie there. This Mall is having many things to play and experience like a scary house, 3D experiences, fish pedicures, mehendi, massages, and also food including ice cream, chocolate, shake, mouth freshener, popcorn, etc. And if you really want to buy something for your girlfriend or boyfriend then there are many brands like Max, Trends, many designer key rings, bags, Electronic things, etc.

Vizag Water World

Vizag Water World

Vizag Water World is best for summer. It is located in Pendurthi. As a couple, you can enjoy sliding with each other as there are many sliders. This water world contains a swimming pool, sliders, and a rain bath area also some restaurants to eat.

In summer days you will not want to come out of the water as it will be so hot outside the water. The ticket cost is a little higher but you will not feel bad after entering and enjoying that place. Reaching that place is difficult but enjoying worth all the difficulties. The water is a bit warm on summer days but it was giving a nice sensation. You will never regret going there with your love.



Kailashgiri is mainly known for the statue of the God and Goddess of Shiv and Parvati. The statue is so beautiful, you will get a strong connection with the god if you are someone who believes in god so much. It is one of the best places to relax as there are some trees which give many shadows where you along with your girlfriend can just lie down and enjoy the air and sky with green leaves all around, nature.

And there are some places to sit and enjoy nature. The is a place which is called the Titanic place where the view of the beach looks so beautiful. You can click many photos there as every girl wants to click photos.

Devarapalle Waterfalls

Devarapalle Waterfalls

This place is best for trekking. If you people are a Mountain person then just go for it. It will be better if you go along with some friends or you along with your girlfriend is also okay. Reaching the exact waterfall will be a little tiring but once you reach there you will feel lucky to not miss this place. The waterfall is so beautiful and You can never forget the experience. If you like to explore places and face risks then you should try this out at any cost.

RK Beach

RK Beach

RK Beach is good for seafood, if You like seafood you should go there once in the evening to try this out. Many seafood is available like fish, prawns, crabs, octopus, lobsters, etc. RK beach has a submarine, you can go to visit it once with your girlfriend. Some seafood are available online, to buy click-

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