Bharat Adivasi Party Expands to Andhra Pradesh with February 2 Launch

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Bharat Adivasi Party Expands to Andhra Pradesh with February 2 Launch

The Bharat Adivasi Party (BAP) is set to establish its presence in Andhra Pradesh with the opening of its state branch on February 2nd. The party president, Mohanlal Roat, along with three elected MLAs from Rajasthan and one from Madhya Pradesh, will attend a public meeting scheduled to take place in Paderu, located in the ASR district.

M. Rajababu, who is expected to become the president of BAP in Andhra Pradesh, shared that apart from the MLAs, leaders from various states including Odisha, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh will also participate in the meeting.

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Rajababu mentioned their efforts to engage with Adivasi communities across different mandals, emphasizing the significance of joining BAP. He highlighted that the Bharat Adivasi Party was established in Rajasthan on September 10, 2023, where it secured victory in three Assembly segments, and also won one seat in Madhya Pradesh. The elected MLAs include Raj Kumar Roat, Thavar Chand, Umesh Meena from Rajasthan, and Kamaleswar Dodiyar from Madhya Pradesh.

Rajababu expressed anticipation for a large turnout of Adivasi community members from districts like Srikakulam, Parvathipuram Manyam, ASR, and Eluru at the upcoming meeting. Additionally, Neela Kantam, a former civil servant, has been appointed as the national vice president of the BAP.

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