Bobby Deol Hints at Sons Aryaman and Dharam’s Future Entry into Film Industry within 3-4 Years

Sonali Saha
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Bobby Deol Hints at Sons Aryaman and Dharam’s Future Entry into Film Industry within 3-4 Years

Renowned Bollywood actor Bobby Deol recently disclosed in an interview with India Today that his sons Aryaman and Dharam are anticipated to venture into the entertainment industry within the upcoming 3-4 years. Despite acknowledging the allure of show business, Bobby emphasized that his elder son, aged 22, and the younger one, aged 19, are presently too young to step into the industry.

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Bobby Deol, who was last seen in the movie ‘Animal,’ expressed his views on his sons’ potential entry into the film world, highlighting the industry’s unique dynamics and opportunities. “There’s no business like show business…but they’re too young right now, especially my older one is just 22 years old and the younger one is 19 years,” he remarked during the interview.

The seasoned actor, known for his versatile performances, seems supportive of his sons’ potential aspirations in the film fraternity. However, he also stressed the importance of them reaching a certain level of maturity and preparedness before considering a career in acting or the entertainment sector.

The revelation about Bobby Deol’s sons making potential forays into the film industry has sparked curiosity among fans and industry enthusiasts. The actor’s recognition and experience in the industry add weight to the interest surrounding his sons’ future endeavors.

As Aryaman and Dharam, the sons of Bobby Deol, inch closer to their aspirations of stepping into the film world, speculations about their potential launch and projects are rife within the entertainment circles.

Bobby Deol’s insights have reignited discussions about star kids and their anticipated forays into Bollywood, bringing attention to the constant evolution and influx of new talents within the Indian film industry.

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