Boycott Valentine’s Day Celebrations- Janajagarana Samiti Encourages Youth, Citing Cultural Concerns

Sonali Saha
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In a bid to preserve traditional values, Janajagarana Samiti has issued a call urging the youth to boycott Valentine’s Day celebrations, asserting that it does not align with their cultural ethos. The Samiti, known for its initiatives to create awareness among the youth, aims to emphasize the importance of upholding cultural traditions.

The call to boycott Valentine’s Day celebrations comes as part of Janajagarana Samiti’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about preserving cultural values among the younger generation. The organization contends that Valentine’s Day, often associated with expressions of love and affection, is not rooted in their cultural heritage.

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Spokespersons from Janajagarana Samiti highlight concerns about the potential dilution of traditional values, expressing the view that embracing Valentine’s Day may lead to the erosion of cultural practices unique to their community. The organization encourages the youth to focus on celebrating festivals and occasions that hold significance within their cultural framework.

As debates unfold, Janajagarana Samiti’s initiative emphasizes the importance of open dialogue about cultural preservation within communities. The call to boycott Valentine’s Day serves as a catalyst for discussions on striking a balance between honoring cultural heritage and embracing modern expressions of love and affection.

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