Breaking: High-stakes ‘Kodi Kathi Case’ Hearing Adjourned with Shocking Twist – Next Update on September 6! (Vizag latest news)

Sonali Saha
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Major Update in ‘Kodi Kathi Case’: New Court Date Set for Accused as Bail Plea Resurfaces!

Visakhapatnam: In a significant turn of events, the NIA-designated court in Visakhapatnam has rescheduled the much-followed ‘Kodi Kathi case’ hearing to September 6, intensifying the anticipation surrounding this high-profile legal drama. The accused individual, Janupalli Srinivasa Rao, commonly known as Srinu, has been at the center of attention throughout this prolonged legal battle. Srinu’s latest bail request, a contentious matter that has captured headlines, has also been pushed to the same date.

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This isn’t the first time that Srinu has sought release on bail. Astonishingly, this marks his eighth attempt at securing bail, having previously faced seven rejections from the court. With this latest development, the courtroom spotlight will once again shine on his plea for freedom. The decision to revisit his bail application has given rise to intense speculation about the potential outcome, especially considering the string of past denials.

Taking a step back to revisit the origins of this case, the shocking incident dates back four years when the now-Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was brutally attacked with a rooster-shaped knife by Srinu at Visakhapatnam airport. Back then, Jagan was in the opposition, and this assault sent shockwaves through the political landscape. The gravity of the event prompted the case to be handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has since been meticulously probing the intricate details of the incident.

The legal saga surrounding the ‘Kodi Kathi case’ took another twist when the NIA court in Vijayawada was strategically shifted to Visakhapatnam. This relocation involved designating the Third Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) court as the new NIA court, a move that occurred just last month. The subsequent proceedings were keenly anticipated, and the initial hearing in Visakhapatnam had been keenly awaited by legal observers and the public alike.

A notable development in Srinu’s situation was his transfer from Rajahmundry Central Jail to Visakhapatnam, presumably as part of logistical arrangements for the ongoing trial. Present at the court proceedings were Srinu’s family members, underlining the emotional and familial dimension of this case. Adding to the intrigue, Srinu’s mother has taken a bold step by appealing to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan to make a personal appearance in court and provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in support of her son’s bail plea.

Salim, the legal representative for accused Srinu, voiced a compelling argument in the media sphere. He emphasized that CM Jagan should either make a courtroom appearance or, alternatively, furnish an NOC that could significantly impact the trajectory of the case. Interestingly, the NIA’s prior statement indicating the absence of a conspiracy in the case has been a focal point of discussion among legal analysts and pundits.

As the legal proceedings continue to unfold in this gripping case, the suspense surrounding Srinu’s fate deepens. The postponed hearing on September 6 promises to be a pivotal juncture, one that could potentially shape the trajectory of this closely-watched legal battle. Stay tuned for further updates as the ‘Kodi Kathi case’ captivates the attention of the nation.

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