Caste Census Starts in Vizag for Better Policies

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam, January 19, 2024: The Andhra Pradesh government has embarked on a significant initiative to conduct a comprehensive caste census, starting in the Visakhapatnam district. This census aims to assess the socio-economic and educational progress of various caste groups in the state, providing crucial data for informed policy decisions.

Commencing on Friday, the caste census in Visakhapatnam will span from January 19 to January 28. Vizag district collector A. Mallikarjuna announced that secretariat staff at the village and ward levels will carry out the census on a household basis.

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Equipped with a special mobile app, census officials will gather detailed information on caste-wise distribution and socio-economic conditions from each household in the district. District-level meetings have already been conducted to gather inputs from diverse sections of society, addressing residents’ concerns and expectations.

To ensure the smooth execution of the census, comprehensive training has been provided to staff at the zonal, mandal, and secretariat levels. Following the household census, officials will collect details of abandoned houses and individuals from January 29 to February 2.

The subsequent phase involves codifying data and undertaking necessary processes at the secretariat level, to complete the entire census process by February 15. District collector Mallikarjuna emphasized the voluntary nature of participation and urged people to cooperate with the survey staff actively.

This initiative is expected to provide invaluable insights that will aid the state government in tailoring policies to meet the specific needs of various castes and communities, fostering socio-economic development and inclusivity.

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