Celebrating Young Minds: DRDO’s 10th Young Scientists Meet

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DRDO's 10th Young Scientists Meet

Big news from the world of science and innovation! The 10th edition of the #DRDO Young Scientists Meet kicked off with a bang at NSTL, and guess who did the honors? None other than Dr. Samir V Kamat, the Secretary of the Department of Defence R&D, Government of India, and Chairman of DRDO. Talk about a star-studded inauguration!

So, what’s all the buzz about? Well, picture this: 160 bright young minds from DRDO Labs and Establishments all over the country are gathering for a three-day extravaganza of science, technology, and innovation. That’s right, folks, it’s a jam-packed event filled with ideas, experiments, and plenty of brainpower.

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But wait, who’s behind this awesome gathering? It’s none other than the Defence PRO Visakhapatnam, keeping us all in the loop with their tweets and updates. Thanks for keeping us in the know!

Now, let’s talk about these young scientists. They’re the rock stars of the future, the ones who’ll be shaping the world with their brilliant ideas and groundbreaking discoveries. And here they are, coming together to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and maybe even change the world.

From cutting-edge research to hands-on experiments, this event has it all. And with Dr. Samir V Kamat leading the charge, you know it’s going to be something special. After all, who better to inspire the next generation of scientists than the ones who are already making waves in the field?

So, here’s to the young scientists of DRDO, may your ideas be bold, your experiments successful, and your passion for discovery never waver. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!

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