why Ritika’s movie ‘Valari’ is a big disappointment?

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“Valari,” the latest horror thriller starring Ritika Singh, hit the screens on March 6, 2024, but failed to live up to expectations, garnering a lukewarm response from audiences. Directed by Mritika Santoshini and produced by Satya Sai Baba, the film aimed to captivate viewers with its spooky narrative but fell short of delivering the promised thrills.

Plot Synopsis:

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The story revolves around Naveen (played by Sriram), a Navy captain, and his wife Divya (portrayed by Ritika Singh), who encounter strange occurrences after moving into an old bungalow in Krishnapatnam. Divya begins experiencing disturbing dreams, leading the family to uncover a dark connection between the bungalow and their lives.


Ritika Singh’s performance steals the show, with her portrayal of Divya anchoring the film. She effortlessly carries the weight of the narrative, especially in pivotal scenes where her character’s depth shines through. Despite the film’s shortcomings, Ritika’s acting prowess remains a highlight.

Supporting actors, including Sriram and Uttej, deliver decent performances, contributing to the film’s overall appeal. Additionally, the movie addresses important social issues, deserving recognition for shedding light on relevant topics.


“Valari” falls short of delivering the promised chills and thrills, disappointing audiences expecting a gripping horror experience. Despite its intriguing premise, the execution lacks finesse, resulting in a lackluster viewing experience.

The film’s narrative fails to maintain tension, with several scenes lacking clarity and impactful staging. Weak dialogue and subpar technical aspects further detract from the overall quality of the production.

Technical Aspects:

While the music and cinematography are passable, the film suffers from substandard editing and below-par production values. The intention to address societal issues is praiseworthy, but the execution falls short of expectations.


“Valari” engages viewers sporadically, primarily due to Ritika Singh’s compelling performance. However, the film ultimately disappoints with its inability to deliver on its premise. Despite addressing important social themes, the lack of a cohesive screenplay and thrilling moments diminish its impact.

In conclusion, while “Valari” offers glimpses of potential, it ultimately fails to deliver a satisfying cinematic experience. Viewers seeking a riveting horror thriller may find themselves underwhelmed by its shortcomings.

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