Cleaning of Vizag Beaches and stopping Dirty water from being released into the beach (Vizag latest news-29/09/2023)

Sonali Saha
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The people in charge of Cleaning of Vizag Beaches and the seawater safe have a big plan. They want to stop dirty water from houses near the beach from going into the sea. This dirty water makes the beach smell bad and makes visitors unhappy. To fix this, they want to clean the water before it goes into the sea.

Right now, the dirty water goes into the sea through special channels when it’s not raining. But now, they want to build special places, like big holes, to collect this water. Then they will clean the water in these places before letting it go into the sea. They found 24 places where these channels connect to the neighborhoods.

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The people in charge said that building these special places and cleaning the water will cost about Rs 3 crores. They will build these places at Paqndurangapuram, Sagar Nagar, Santhi Ashram, Jodugullapalem, and one more at the VUDA Park.

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