CM Jagan Aims to Win Big Elections in Uttarandhra

Sonali Saha
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In a strategic move to bridge the electoral gap in Uttarandhra, YSRCP regional coordinator YV Subbareddy has revealed that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy will address the political landscape in the region. Subbareddy, along with Deputy CM Pidika Rajannadora and key ministers, met party leaders and representatives from Uttarandhra districts to discuss upcoming plans.

A massive public meeting is scheduled in Bhimili on the 25th of this month, expected to draw around 3 lakh people. Subbareddy announced that CM Jagan will guide the party through an open meeting in Bhimili, outlining the goals for the upcoming general elections with a target of 175/175.

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Highlighting the successful implementation of promises made during the Prajasankalpa Yatra, Subbareddy emphasized that the YSRCP government’s development and welfare programs in Uttarandhra would be detailed in the open meeting. He anticipates widespread attendance from party leaders and supporters from the region.

As part of the election campaign, CM YS Jagan plans to hold five regional meetings across the state, directly engaging with active party workers. Subbareddy noted that CM Jagan will address changes in MLA candidates and address any discontent within the party cadre.

Minister of Information Botsa Satyanarayana praised Visakhapatnam as the administrative capital, attributing development in the region to the late CM YS and his son YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Minister Botsa emphasized the importance of constituency-level party meetings in Uttar Andhra from the 21st to the 23rd of this month before the Bhimili public meeting.

Regarding opposition hindrance, Minister Botsa criticized interference in the development of Uttar Andhra, asserting that people will demonstrate their wisdom in the upcoming elections. He highlighted the YSRCP government’s direct deposit of cash into people’s bank accounts, eliminating middlemen.

In response to media questions, Minister Botsa addressed changes in politics as natural and questioned the TDP’s concerns about the removal of junior enter flexi, asserting that development remains the top priority.

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