CM to attend “Audham.Andhra” Sports Finale in Vizag

Sonali Saha
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In a spirited inauguration, Minister Roja set the stage for the final sports competition of “Audham.Andhra” in Visakhapatnam, signaling the beginning of an exciting athletic showdown. The event, aimed at promoting sports and physical activity, has drawn participants and enthusiasts from across the region.

Minister Roja, adorned in sports spirit, officially launched the sports competition, highlighting the importance of such initiatives in fostering a culture of fitness and healthy competition. The event encompasses a variety of sporting disciplines, showcasing the diverse talents within the Andhra Pradesh community.

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The “Audham.Andhra” sports extravaganza has been a source of excitement and anticipation, drawing attention not only from local residents but also from sports enthusiasts statewide. The competition has provided a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills and compete at a regional level.

As the sports competition progresses, all eyes are set on the closing ceremony scheduled for the 13th of this month. Adding to the grandeur of the event, Chief Minister Jagan is set to attend the closing ceremony, elevating the significance of “Audham.Andhra” in the state’s sports calendar.

As the sporting excitement unfolds in Visakhapatnam, “Audham.Andhra” stands as a testament to the state’s dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its residents. The event not only showcases athletic prowess but also reinforces the idea that sports have the power to unite communities and inspire individuals towards greater physical well-being.

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