Concerns Raised Over Expenditure as KA Pal Dhwajam Criticizes CM Jagan’s ‘Siddha’ Campaign

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: In a recent statement, KA Pal Dhwajam in Visakhapatnam expressed concern over the alleged misuse of public funds by Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy in the name of the ‘Siddha’ campaign. Dhwajam raised questions about the allocation of thousands of crores of rupees for posters on the streets while highlighting the financial strain affecting the payment of salaries to Anganwadi workers, teachers, and other employees.

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The criticism centers on the apparent contradiction between the availability of funds for the ‘Siddha’ campaign and the reported financial challenges in meeting salary obligations to key public service workers. According to Dhwajam, this raises concerns about the allocation of resources and priorities in the state’s budget.

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Dhwajam questioned the justification for spending substantial amounts on street posters when there are reported financial constraints impacting critical sectors such as education and social services. The remarks underscore a growing sentiment regarding the allocation of public funds and the need for transparent and responsible financial management.

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