Confusion at Vizag Port – State vs. Central Forces Clash!

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Why are state government officers and employees being stopped from catching drugs at Vizag Port when central forces have already nabbed them? It’s a head-scratcher, indeed!

Now, let’s break it down a bit. Imagine this: you’ve got central forces, all geared up and ready to intercept drugs coming into the port – great, right? But then, there’s this weird twist. State government officers and employees, who probably know the ins and outs of the area like the back of their hands, are being sidelined. Why? That’s the big question!

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And here’s where things get interesting. Siddu, in his tweet, directly reaches out to Pilla Paytm and Sajjala Bhargava, asking for an explanation. It’s like calling out the elephant in the room and demanding some answers!

Now, we’re not pointing fingers here, but this unnecessary interference seems a bit fishy, don’t you think? When it comes to tackling something as serious as drug trafficking, shouldn’t everyone be working together, hand in hand?

So, what’s the deal with this interference? Why the roadblocks for the state officers? We’re all ears, waiting for some clarity on this puzzling situation.

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