Consumer Wins Compensation Battle Against Popular Shoe Mart in Vizag

Honey Gupta
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Consumer Wins Compensation Battle Against Popular Shoe Mart in Vizag

In a significant consumer rights victory, the Consumer Commission-II in Vizag city has directed Popular Shoe Mart, a well-known retail outlet, to compensate a customer for a defective pair of footwear. The consumer, Mr. N Nanda Kumar of Abid Nagar in Vizag, lodged a complaint with the commission after the Crocodile brand chappals he purchased for his wife suffered damage within a week, contrary to the product’s six-month warranty.

The incident dates back to July 21, 2020, when Mr. Nanda Kumar made a purchase at Popular Shoe Mart located at TSR Complex near RTC bus station in Vizag. He paid a sum of 1,594 for a pair of Crocodile brand chappals for his wife. However, the joy of the purchase turned into disappointment when the footwear showed signs of damage well within the stipulated warranty period.

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Frustrated by the situation, Mr. Nanda Kumar approached the outlet, seeking either a replacement or a refund for the faulty footwear. Unfortunately, the outlet’s manager neither replaced the chappals nor offered a refund. Adding insult to injury, Mr. Nanda Kumar claimed that he and his wife were subjected to verbal abuse by the outlet’s manager during their attempt to resolve the issue amicably.

Undeterred by the lack of resolution, Mr. Nanda Kumar decided to take the matter to the district consumer commission in Vizag in 2020. The commission, after careful consideration, found merit in the complaint and ruled in favor of the consumer. Popular Shoe Mart has been directed to replace the defective pair of chappals and pay a compensation of 5,000 to Mr. Nanda Kumar for the deficiency of service and unfair trade practice.

This decision reinforces the significance of consumer rights and holds businesses accountable for providing quality products and services. Consumers are encouraged to be aware of their rights and take necessary action when faced with unsatisfactory products or services.

As Popular Shoe Mart faces the consequences of this ruling, it serves as a reminder to businesses to prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold ethical business practices. The consumer commission’s decision is not only a victory for Mr. Nanda Kumar but also a testament to the importance of consumer protection in ensuring fair and transparent business dealings.

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