Contrasting Scenarios in Anakapalli and ASR Districts

Sonali Saha
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In a recent review meeting held across the Anakapalli and ASR districts, a striking dichotomy emerged in their crime landscapes and law enforcement strategies. Anakapalli district witnessed a surge in crime rates, particularly in physical crimes, while efforts in the ASR district showcased commendable strides in combating ganja cultivation and extremist activities through Operation Parivartana.

Anakapalli’s District Superintendent of Police (SP) K.V. Murali Krishna shed light on the district’s multifaceted approach to addressing various challenges. Despite a 10% uptick in physical crimes, innovative outreach campaigns targeting the younger populace via mobile platforms played a pivotal role. Educational videos focusing on crucial laws like the POCSO Act, along with awareness initiatives regarding drugs and cybercrimes, actively engaged students. The promotion of the Disha app witnessed a staggering 2,17,840 downloads, enabling effective responses to women’s safety concerns.

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Moreover, the district intensified efforts towards road safety, resulting in a 5% decrease in accidents and a 15% reduction in fatalities attributed to stringent measures against drunk driving. Addressing public grievances remained a priority, with the department responding swiftly to over 11,465 complaints, boasting an average response time of 15 minutes to SOS calls. Notably, proactive measures against drug-related crimes led to the arrest of 562 individuals involved in ganja-related cases.

However, SP Murali Krishna underscored the department’s unwavering commitment to justice, disposing of 65% of cases and sentencing the accused in 3,883 instances, showcasing their dedication to upholding the law despite the challenges faced.

Contrastingly, in the ASR district, SP Tuhin Sinha highlighted the significant progress achieved in countering extremist activities and the ganja trade. Operation Parivartana emerged as a pivotal initiative, resulting in the destruction of acres of illicit ganja crops and denting Maoist activities. The concerted efforts to curb the ganja trade led to the seizure of a staggering 21,785.29 kg of dry ganja. Furthermore, alternative crop solutions over 10,290.5 acres dealt a significant blow to ganja cultivation, aiming for a sustainable shift away from illegal practices.

The ASR district remains resolute in its commitment to these issues, employing stringent measures, conducting awareness programs, and fostering cooperation with neighboring districts to foster a safer community.

The contrasting scenarios in these districts underscore the diverse challenges faced by law enforcement agencies. While Anakapalli navigates a surge in certain crime categories, their proactive outreach and swift responses exhibit an ongoing commitment to public safety. Meanwhile, the ASR district’s focused approach in combating ganja cultivation and extremist activities through Operation Parivartana highlights a determined effort toward a safer and more secure community.

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