Controversy Erupts Over Film Poster Near Vizag Temple

Lilu Dhruw
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Controversy Erupts Over Film Poster Near Visakhapatnam Temple

A controversy has erupted in Visakhapatnam following the appearance of a promotional poster for the upcoming film ‘Siddarth Roy’ near the revered Sampath Vinayaka Temple. The poster, prominently displayed in an area frequented by students, has sparked concerns among residents about its appropriateness.

The area surrounding the Sampath Vinayaka Temple is known for its religious significance, attracting large numbers of devotees for prayers. However, the presence of the film poster, featuring erotic and intimate scenes, has disrupted the devotional atmosphere according to locals.

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Residents have expressed worry about the negative influence the poster might have, particularly on young minds in the vicinity of educational institutions. Ganapati Rao, a temple priest, voiced his concerns, stating that the placement of the poster near both educational institutions and the temple is inappropriate and could have a detrimental impact on society.

The appearance of the poster has led to public outcry, with parents and community members expressing dismay over its placement in such a prominent location. The controversy underscores the importance of considering the impact of promotional materials in public spaces, especially those with religious significance and frequented by young people.

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