Crowd in Godavari Express Will Shock You

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

Travelers aboard the Godavari Express, operating between Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad, are facing significant challenges as the number of general bogies remains unchanged, failing to cope with the growing demand. Commuters are experiencing travel in what can only be described as the most miserable conditions.

Despite the increasing demand for seats, the lack of an increase in general bogies has led to overcrowded compartments, leaving passengers cramped and uncomfortable. Scenes of distress and inconvenience have become commonplace, as the train struggles to accommodate the surge in travelers.

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The need for additional general bogies has become apparent, with passengers expressing their concerns over the substandard travel conditions. Some have reported difficulties finding seating, while others highlight the cramped spaces making the journey an unpleasant experience.

The authorities are urged to address this issue promptly, recognizing the importance of passenger comfort and safety. As the scenes of dissatisfaction continue, it is crucial for the relevant authorities to assess the demand for travel on the Godavari Express route and take necessary measures to enhance the travel experience for all commuters. Passengers eagerly await improvements that would alleviate the current challenges and restore the Godavari Express to a more comfortable and accommodating service.

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