Daring Escape: Junior Engineer Outsmarts ACB Trap in Andhra Pradesh, Ditches Rs 40,000 Bribe in Dramatic Farm Field Toss! (Vizag latest news)

Sonali Saha
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Daring Escape: Junior Engineer Evades ACB Trap in Andhra Pradesh, Throws Rs 40,000 Bribe Dramatically into Farm Fields

In a remarkable turn of events, a junior engineer employed by the Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company (EPDCL) managed to outsmart an elaborate trap set by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) within Vizianagaram district. The engineer in question, P Santha Rao, skillfully evaded the pursuit of ACB officials, leaving them empty-handed and frustrated in their pursuit of justice.

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The incident stems from the plight of a local farmer, D Eswar Rao, hailing from the quaint village of Mulakkayavalasa in the Makkuva mandal of Vizianagaram district. Eswar Rao had diligently applied for an electrical connection to power his essential agricultural pump set. To facilitate this, he had paid a sum of Rs 4,000 to the EPDCL through a phone-based payment system.

However, what should have been a straightforward process took a disheartening turn. The junior engineer, Santha Rao, allegedly demanded a staggering bribe amount of Rs 60,000 from Eswar Rao to expedite the service connection. Out of this amount, the engineer had already accepted an advance payment of Rs 20,000 from the frustrated farmer, who had grown weary of the incessant hurdles created by the corrupt official.

Left with no other recourse, the beleaguered farmer decided to approach the Anti-Corruption Bureau with his grievance. After a thorough verification of the complainant’s allegations, ACB officials hatched a plan to ensnare the errant engineer. Under the cover of night, a meticulously coordinated operation was launched in the heart of Mulakkayavalasa village.

The ACB team meticulously orchestrated the final act of this drama. As per their account, the engineer met the farmer on the outskirts of the village to complete the illicit transaction. In this clandestine rendezvous, Santha Rao reportedly accepted the remaining sum of Rs 40,000 as the bribe payment from Eswar Rao. However, the situation escalated dramatically when ACB officials moved in for the apprehension.

In a desperate bid to evade capture, the engineer resorted to a theatrical maneuver that stunned even the seasoned ACB operatives. He swiftly hurled the incriminating wad of currency into the nearby farm fields before making a daring escape in his vehicle. Despite ACB officials giving chase on their motorcycles, the engineer managed to evade them by speeding away, leaving an injured ACB officer in his wake.

The pursuit took a cinematic turn when, under the cover of midnight, the engineer abandoned his vehicle on the outskirts of the village and disappeared into the darkness, adding an air of intrigue to his already audacious escape.

Undeterred by the brazen escape, ACB officials have registered a case against the accused engineer, vowing to bring him to justice. The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of ACB in Vizianagaram, P Ramachandra Rao, expressed determination to apprehend the fugitive official. He revealed an interesting detail that hinted at the engineer’s modus operandi, noting that Santha Rao seemed to have a penchant for accepting bribes only on Sundays.

With the pursuit of the elusive engineer ongoing, the ACB remains committed to upholding the principles of transparency and accountability, even in the face of such audacious subterfuge. The story serves as a reminder that no matter the creativity of those who seek to evade the law, the forces of justice are equally determined to ensure that corruption finds no refuge.

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