Death of Another West Bengal student in Vizag Hostel

Sonali Saha
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Another teenage girl, Riti-16-year girl from West Bengal died by falling from her hostel in Visakhapatnam on July 14, this news came to the limelight when her parents alleged that it was a murder and complained about it.

This is the second case, in the first case where a West Bengal girl died in Andhra Pradesh after falling from the 11th floor of her hostel building on July 24th at an engineering college in Vijayawada.

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According to her father, she was studying at GD Birla and completed her 10th board, and then she got admission to a coaching institute to prepare for NEET in May 2022 in Vizag.

She was staying in a hostel along with 4 other members in her room and the coaching center was nearby the hostel. When she talked with her father before her exam day, she was happy that she prepared well for the exam. On the same night, her father got a call from the coaching institute that she fell from the floor terrace and has been rushed to the hospital.

Her worden was in a conference call with the coaching center and her parents. so, while the officers were saying that she fell from the 4th-floor terrace, the warden interrupted by saying that she fell from the 3rd-floor stairs and came down to the first floor. Her family started on the same night from West Bengal and rushed to the hospital on the next day i.e. 15th July at 2 pm.

“Till then, she had not been treated. The hospital did not have a proper neuro department and people did not sign papers. So proper treatment could not begin. We shifted her to another hospital but a lot of crucial time was lost. On July 16, she passed away due to cardiac arrest and multi-organ failure,” her father said along with that there were many statements that were not clear which led to some suspicious ends, and hence the father said it’s not an accident but a foul play and a clear cut murder.

Her father requested the AP police to take serious action about the case and find all the CCTV recordings and all the evidence which will lead to justice for his daughter. Her father stated “We are grateful to the judge who appointed a court commissioner to collect the footage and other evidence. However, all the evidence was destroyed. The commissioner was disappointed and said the case was mishandled. Now, the court has ordered the respondents to submit the reports in 21 days to the high court. The court-appointed commissioner will also be submitting the report within 15 days,”.

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