Deepfake Controversy of Rashmika Mandanna

Sonali Saha
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Recently, there’s been a big issue with a fake video involving the famous actress Rashmika Mandanna. This video became very popular on social media. It shows a woman going into an elevator, but her face has been changed to look like Rashmika’s face using a computer. Many people are worried about this and are asking for the law to get involved. Amitabh Bachchan, a big star in Bollywood and Rashmika’s co-worker in the movie Goodbye, is worried about this new trend of fake videos and wants the law to take action against it.

What is a Deepfake Video?

A deepfake video is a fake video made by using a special computer program. It takes someone’s face and puts it onto another person’s body in a video. This kind of video can seem real, even though it’s not.

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How to Spot a Deepfake Video:

  1. Unnatural Eye Movements: Check for weird eye movements, like no blinking or strange eye motions.
  2. Color and Lighting Mismatches: Look for differences in color and lighting between the face and the background.
  3. Audio Quality: See if the voice matches the mouth movements in the video.
  4. Visual Oddities: Watch out for strange body shapes or movements, fake facial expressions, or weird body positions.
  5. Reverse Image Search: Check the video or the person’s image to see if they’re real.
  6. Video Details: See if the video has been changed or edited.
  7. Deepfake Detection Tools: Use special tools or apps that can help find fake videos.

Technologies to Fight Deepfake Videos:

  1. AI Detection: Tools using AI to find fake parts in videos, like Microsoft’s tool that checks if a video looks real.
  2. Browser Add-ons: Apps like Reality Defender or SurfSafe are made to find deep fake videos on the internet.
  3. Startup Solutions: Some small companies are working on ways to stop fake content. For instance, OARO helps check and confirm if a photo or video is real.
  4. Unfakeable Records: OARO Media creates a trail that proves if a picture or video is real.

The Rashmika Mandanna deepfake video case shows that we need laws to stop these fake videos. Even though new tools are coming to find fake videos, they aren’t perfect yet. So, it’s still up to the users to spot and not share these videos.

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