Dr. Rajendra Singh’s Efforts Against Vizag Sea Pollution

Lilu Dhruw
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Dr. Rajendra Singh's Efforts Against Vizag Sea Pollution

Waterman Dr. Rajendra Singh and environmentalist Bolisetty Satyanarayana took a significant step in their fight against pollution in Visakhapatnam by visiting Lawson’s Bay, where a troubling confluence occurs. This junction marks the point where a portion of the city’s liquid waste flows into the sea, causing pollution in the coastal waters.

Their visit was not merely observational; they actively documented the environmental degradation by capturing video footage of the polluted area. Their intention is clear: they aim to present this evidence in the AP High Court, highlighting the detrimental impact of the city’s refuse on the marine ecosystem.

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This move follows their recent appearance before the AP High Court on January 31, where they expressed objections to a report submitted by a court-appointed committee on pollution. They raised concerns about the accuracy of the report and emphasized the need for the court to consider alternative sources of information, such as their firsthand observations.

In response to their plea, the bench comprising Chief Justice Dheeraj Singh Thakur and Justice Raghunandan Rao granted them an extension of two weeks for further hearings on February 14, 2024. Prior to this upcoming session, Dr. Rajendra Singh and Satyanarayana embarked on their fact-finding mission to Lawson’s Bay.

Their aim is to provide the court with tangible evidence in the form of a video, countering any false or misleading reports submitted by government officials. They intend to showcase the extent of pollution caused by the negligence of the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) in managing waste disposal.

Dr. Rajendra Singh and Satyanarayana are determined to shed light on the environmental issues plaguing Visakhapatnam, urging the court to take decisive action based on accurate and unbiased information. Their proactive approach underscores the importance of community-driven initiatives in safeguarding the environment and holding authorities accountable for their actions.

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