Education and Welfare: Minister Botsa’s Focus in Vizianagaram

Lilu Dhruw
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Education and Welfare: Minister Botsa's Focus in Vizianagaram

Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana commended the positive impact of social welfare schemes on the lives of people in Andhra Pradesh, particularly highlighting their role in women’s empowerment. Speaking at Garividi mandal in Vizianagaram district, the Minister praised the effectiveness of schemes that directly deposit funds into women’s accounts, noting their significant contribution to improving living standards and fostering self-respect within families.

Highlighting the success story of Geddapuvalasa, where Rs 10.34 crore worth of welfare funds were directly deposited into women’s accounts, the Minister underscored the tangible benefits brought about by these initiatives.

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In addition to discussing social welfare schemes, Minister Satyanarayana also emphasized the importance of infrastructure development. He laid the foundation stone for a 5.7 km road project from Garividi to Kanapaka via Geddapuvalasa, which is estimated to cost Rs 3.6 crore. Furthermore, he initiated the construction of a bridge over Peddagedda in Geddapuvalasa, with a budget of Rs 5.2 crore.

The Minister assured that tenders for these projects have been finalized, and construction work will commence soon under the Prime Minister Sadak Yojana program.

Moreover, Minister Satyanarayana highlighted the advancements in school infrastructure under the Nadu Nedu scheme, which aims to transform schools and provide modern facilities. He also mentioned initiatives focused on nurturing students to become global citizens.

The event was attended by local dignitaries, including Vizianagaram Lok Sabha member Bellana Chandrasekhar, who joined in acknowledging the progress and development initiatives in the region.

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