Elderly Woman Saved from Suicide Attempt at Visakhapatnam Beach by safeguard

Lilu Dhruw
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Elderly Woman Saved from Suicide Attempt at Visakhapatnam Beach by safeguard

An elderly railway pensioner, Satyavathi (60), attempted suicide by drowning at a beach in Visakhapatnam around 8:30 am on Friday. Fortunately, beach lifeguard Polaraju spotted her and acted swiftly to save her life. Satyavathi, who hails from Marripalem and has three sons, had been grappling with neglect from her family, particularly two of her sons who were misusing her pension without showing concern for her well-being. This led to Satyavathi sinking into depression and attempting to take her own life.

Polaraju, the vigilant lifeguard, rescued Satyavathi from the sea and immediately took her to the Beach police for assistance. Beach police constable Raju, upon gathering necessary details, reached out to Red Cross shelter manager Murali for further support. Murali promptly contacted Satyavathi’s eldest son, Narayana, and facilitated a conversation between Satyavathi and her other two sons. Assuring her that her family would take care of her, Murali managed to convince Satyavathi to reconsider her actions.

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Grateful for the timely intervention and assistance, Satyavathi’s family expressed their heartfelt thanks to lifeguard Polaraju, Beach police, and Red Cross officials for saving her life. This incident underscores the importance of swift action and community support in preventing tragedies and ensuring the well-being of vulnerable individuals.

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