Exciting News for Vizag: Floating Sea Bridge Construction is all Set to Begin at Tenneti Park

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

“Good News for Vizag: Floating Sea Bridge Coming to Tenneti Park!”

In big news for Visakhapatnam, they’re getting ready to build something super cool at Tenneti Park – a Floating Sea Bridge! This is going to make our city look even more awesome.

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The idea is to make Tenneti Park extra special by adding a Floating Sea Bridge. It’s like a magical walkway over the water, making Tenneti Park even more beautiful. They’re going to start building it really soon, and that’s a big deal for our city!

Once it’s all done, this Floating Sea Bridge will be a fantastic place for everyone to take a peaceful walk over the water. Tenneti Park, with its amazing views of the Bay of Bengal, will become an even better spot for people to visit.

This project isn’t just about making things look pretty – it’s also going to help Vizag grow and be more accessible, especially around the coastal areas. People in Vizag are super excited about it, and the Floating Sea Bridge is going to be like a symbol of how our city is growing and becoming even more awesome.

So, get ready for some great changes, Vizag! We’ll keep you updated as they start building this amazing Floating Sea Bridge at Tenneti Park, bringing together cool engineering and the beauty of nature for everyone to enjoy.

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