Exciting News: Telangana CM flies to Vizag for Meet on March 15!

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Telangana CM flies to Vizag for Meet on March 15!

Revanth Reddy, the chief minister of Telangana, is preparing for his first official trip to Andhra Pradesh since taking office. In an effort to oppose the privatization of the Vizag Steel Plant, he is traveling to Visakhapatnam on March 15 for a significant public gathering.

At first, this meeting was scheduled for March 11 or 12. But then the date was changed to March 14. Ultimately, on March 15, they reached an agreement because of crucial discussions that were taking place in New Delhi, where Congress officials were selecting candidates and making other crucial decisions. The fact that Revanth Reddy attended the conference, despite all these changes, nonetheless made the steel workers’ unions happy.

For the past two years, people have been protesting the steel plant’s privatization, but the central government hasn’t responded very well. Everyone concerned should have a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm as a result of Revanth Reddy’s visit.

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Being Revanth Reddy’s first trip to Andhra Pradesh as Telangana’s chief minister, this visit is significant. His attendance at the conference demonstrates how states bordering him are united in their opposition to the privatization of significant enterprises.

Everyone is excited to observe how Revanth Reddy’s visit would affect the continuing struggle to preserve the viability of the Vizag Steel Plant as the date draws near.

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