Exciting Update: Suvarna Sundari OTT Release Date & Time Revealed! where to watch?

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 Suvarna Sundari OTT Release Date & Time Revealed

“Suvarna Sundari,” a female-centric supernatural thriller, is making waves as it hits the OTT platform. Directed by Surendra Maadarapu, this movie originally premiered in theaters in February of this year.

Starring remarkable actresses Jayaprada and Poorna, among others, “Suvarna Sundari” had a quiet theatrical run and didn’t quite hit the mark at the box office. However, fans of Tollywood’s thriller genre have eagerly awaited its OTT release.

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The story of “Suvarna Sundari” revolves around a mysterious Trinethri idol and its profound impact on the lives of those who come into contact with it, spanning from the 15th century to modern times.

The trailer of the movie has piqued the interest of horror film enthusiasts with its supernatural elements. Jayaprada portrays an experienced archaeologist in the film, delving into the history of the idol and its dark powers. The idol, once possessed, heightens the senses of its owners to extreme levels, leading them to commit violent acts against those around them. The narrative jumps back and forth between the past and present, revealing the idol’s sinister influence over the centuries.

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