Farmers Petition for Changes in Coffee Purchase Guidelines

Lilu Dhruw
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Farmers Petition for Changes in Coffee Purchase Guidelines

Coffee farmers in the AO agency area of Visakhapatnam have asked the Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) to increase the price of coffee and to accept beans with higher moisture content. Currently, the permitted moisture level is 10.5%, but farmers argue that the local climate makes it difficult to meet this requirement. GCC’s Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Gedela Suresh Kumar, visited several coffee-growing villages to encourage farmers to sell their coffee to GCC, emphasizing that the corporation offers a competitive price. Farmers have requested a higher coffee price and permission to sell beans with up to 12% moisture. Suresh Kumar mentioned that GCC’s current price is higher than the international market rate, but they may adjust if market prices increase. The moisture content limit is set by the Coffee Board’s standards to maintain coffee quality. During the visit, GCC provided free tarpaulins to tribal coffee farmers for drying their beans. GCC plans to procure 1,000 metric tons of coffee this year and has already provided loans to farmers in advance of the season.

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