Fashion Designer Rohit Bal is in Critical Condition

Sonali Saha
1 Min Read

Fashion designer Rohit Bal is very sick and is in a hospital called Medanta. His heart isn’t working well, and he needs a machine to help him breathe. He’s been having problems with his heart for some time, and this time it got really bad. He has other health issues too, like diabetes and problems with his kidneys.

Rohit Bal is a famous designer known for his beautiful designs and for supporting crafts from a place called Kashmir. He’s been sick before with his heart, and this time it’s even more serious. His friend Arjun Rampal went to see him in the hospital.

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It’s important for everyone to know about heart problems because they can happen to anyone, even younger people. Eating healthy, staying active, and going for check-ups with the doctor can help prevent heart problems. Sometimes, even famous people like Rohit Bal can get really sick, so it’s essential to take care of our hearts.

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